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Date/Time: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 13:37:01 +0000

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[2023-02-01 02:54:56]
Scalp - Posts: 5
Good day and Thanks for your Response earlier: We are getting there now a chart populates on my screen, and when hit File top left of Sierra Charts shows only 1. ExampleChartbook which is yours and not other ones from TraderproAcademy. The instructions I have from them are   Hi Gary,

Okay, try these steps. Locate the DOM file that you have downloaded from your Downloads folder. Click the file and hit CTRL X on your keyboard to cut and copy the file.

Next, go to Drive C or whichever Drive you placed your Sierra Charts folder. Normally it's on Drive C of your PC.

Locate Sierra Charts Folder > click the arrow to show the folders and find the Data folder > You can paste the file in there by doing CTRL V on your keyboard.

So I have Sierra Charts downloaded okay and DOM.cht from Tradeproacademy . I then go to my C:drive and find Sierra Charts and then highlight the Data and paste DOM.cht in there as instructed.I am thinking I might have to download directly to Sierra Charts itself? The DOM I have downloaded is in Zip! and One isn't. Look forward to hearing back from you thanks. I went to your Link for further instructions to no Avail FYI... Gary Lalande