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Date/Time: Sun, 24 Sep 2023 13:59:46 +0000

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[2023-01-31 02:51:02]
Scalp - Posts: 5
Good day, wanting to subscribe to your service package via 'Denali'. I was referred to you by tradeproacademy.com and have to implement your charting service with Interactive Brokers . I managed to Download Tradepros DOM and paste it into Sierra Charts on my PC-there DOM is quite Robust- has Market orders in Real-time, Bid/Ask Volume to show the Delta/imbalances. (not sure if I can simply get all this with you?) When I open Sierra Charts I go to FIle, Open Chart Book and there I see ExampleCharbook.cht which is what I assume is from Traderproacademy.I then go to Edit, "Translate symbols to current service, I then get on top left above where it says ExampleCharbook which is a Black Screen below it, can get a chart as well.The Symbols are DF, ST: BR: with numbers constantly moving. I then go to the DOM and its not like Traderpros? I simply need to set up a Denali PKG after my Trial with Traderproacademys' DOM with a Chart. Go to Youtube and in top search bar type in Traderproacademy orderflow and you will see what I mean. Thats all I want for now. If I have to pay a fee for one of your techs to take over my PC to set this up I don't mind, let me know Thanks Gary L.