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Date/Time: Tue, 28 May 2024 05:12:02 +0000

Post From: visual only: Use Sub Instances to Distribute Processing Load?

[2023-01-30 19:28:28]
User133994 - Posts: 75

Per the documentation, the sub instances are supposed to distribute processing load...but studies can't talk between instances? So there is no way to take "high cpu" studies and move them to a sub-instance and reference the result in a reference study (or custom ACSIL either) on the main instance?

It appears the use case for the sub instances is only "visual"? The only advantage for moving a study to a sub-instance would be to have a trade interface (which has no complex studies) and a sub instance (with many complex studies) both visually displaying on the same screen, and to *manually* trade off of the main instance based on what the user physically "sees" on the graphics output of the sub instance drawn on the screen next to the main instance window.

My use case for distributed processing would require referencing the outputs of complex studies on a sub instance and displaying them on the main instance--so trading can be automated (semi or full). I suppose this was not intended for the distributed processing load approach that is currently implemented?

Do you have any work-arounds where my use case can be implemented without a major SC update?