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Date/Time: Fri, 24 May 2024 22:29:57 +0000

Post From: Session times

[2023-01-27 18:47:25]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31885
I trade Dax futures from the UK and have set up the TPO chart to split the profile into day and evening sessions based on 08:00-16:29 and 16:30-07:59 respectively. First of all would this be the correct timing split to use as I am unsure if evening sessions typically include the pre-market hour of the following day?

We do not know the time zone you are specifying, so we can not say exactly what your hours are covering. But the information you need can be found on the Eurex website at the following link:

Although the answer is that the Pre-Trading hour that starts at 07:30 CET is considered part of the Day trading.

And secondly I'd like to set up a daily chart with a drawable Vbp study so would this require an intraday chart set to 1-0-0 with a session start and end time of 08:00-07:59 with use evening session set to no?

The session times are of your choosing, depending on what exactly you want to see (if you want to see the Trading Day, then 07:30 - 07:29:59 CET would be the correct settings. But the important thing is that you set the option for Chart >> Chart Settings >> Data Limiting >> Chart Data Type to be Intraday Only Chart. This forces the chart to always be intraday data (instead of historical daily data) even if you change the period to daily or higher. Refer to the following:
Chart Settings: Chart Data Type (Chart >> Chart Settings >> Data Limiting >> Date Range and Limiting Method menu)
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