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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 02:47:22 +0000

Post From: activating and deactivating feeds

[2023-01-24 22:39:22]
John - SC Support - Posts: 27546
om reading the documentation, I understand that if I deactivate a feed service it will deactivate it immediately even if I'm paid for the month.

We will refer to two items in the following:
- Exchange: The actual exchange that is activated or deactivated.
- Feed (or Data Feed): The overarching parent which is composed of multiple exchanges.

If you deactivate an exchange, then you will continue to have the data for that exchange through the remainder of the calendar month. It only immediately deactivates if you change your package from one of the Integrated packages to one of the Standard packages (for the Denali Exchange Data Feed) or if you Deactivate the Connection for the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed.

If I want to deactivate or activate a feed, how long does it typically take for this to take effect?

If you activate an exchange, and have everything else done for the data feed (signed agreements, etc.), then it becomes active immediately.

As noted above, it depends on how you deactivate the exchange/feed. If you just deactivate the exchange, then you are really just setting it to not renew next month, but you will continue to get the data through the remainder of the month. If you deactivate the Feed, then you will immediately stop getting the real-time data.

If I want to deactivate a feed, and receive all the data for the month, I assume I should do so on the last trading day of the month?

You should deactivate the exchange as soon as you can so you do not need to worry about it. If you are going to deactivate the feed, then you should wait until the last day of the month (if you can).

If I want to activate a new feed should I wait for the first day of the month to activate it to avoid paying for the previous month?

Yes, you should, if you can, wait until the first day of the month to activate an exchange. The exchanges are not pro-rated, so you will pay the full amount regardless of when in the month you activate it. Also the exchanges are billed on a Calendar month basis, so you will need to pay the full amount when activate within a month and then the full amount at the start of the next month.
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