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Date/Time: Wed, 17 Jul 2024 11:34:48 +0000

Post From: TPO Chart overlay on bar chart clear space

[2023-01-22 09:25:18]
User846000 - Posts: 22

I would like to know if I can overlay or have a TPO chart displayed in the clear space of a normal Barchart study in SC. I'm crossing voer as much as I can from MT5 and some paid for studies one of which can display a TPO for the session in a dedicated space in the chart as shown on the screenshot.

Is this possible to do in SC with standard studies, if so please can you point me in the right direction? If its likely that to get close to this I'd need a custom study please also let me know, just trying to get as close as possible with existing studies in SC.

imageMT5 TPO Screenshot 2023-01-22 042154.png / V - Attached On 2023-01-22 09:23:37 UTC - Size: 29.22 KB - 87 views
imageSC TPO intended space Screenshot 2023-01-22 042154.png / V - Attached On 2023-01-22 09:23:46 UTC - Size: 113.49 KB - 81 views