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Date/Time: Wed, 24 Jul 2024 01:12:49 +0000

Post From: Demande pour activation donnée RITMIC

[2023-01-19 15:50:57]
John - SC Support - Posts: 33223
From Google Translate:
Hello John, I have submitted my DENALI data because when I log into my RITMIC account, I trade the CME, so the account is working and I have access to my ritmic account but the charts are not up to date, I don't I don't have real-time data, maybe you have to use specific symbols? cordially

You are NOT setup to get CME Group data through our Denali Exchange Data Feed. Therefore, if your Current Selected Service is set to SC Data - All Services then you will only get delayed streaming data for CME Group symbols.

Also, the symbols for the chart are different depending on what service you are connected to. For example for the ES (e-Mini S&P 500 on the CME exchange) the Rithmic symbol for the H 2023 contract is ESH3.CME, but the Sierra Chart symbol (when connected to SC Data - All Services) is ESH23-CME. Make sure you update symbols when you change between services. You can always select Edit >> Translate Symbols to Current Service to ensure you have the correct symbols for the current selected service.

Are you able to get the real-time data from Rithmic when you are connected to your Rithmic account?
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