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Date/Time: Sun, 04 Jun 2023 17:20:44 +0000

Post From: export *all* existing studies settings in the

[2023-01-18 18:30:08]
User133994 - Posts: 62

Would you please provide a utility to export the "studies" on a chart. I'm only talking about the study's settings text, not the actual data. This is for the purpose of converting all studies on the chart to an ACSIL, easily understand the interdependencies between studies, and have an easily searchable database of all the settings for a give chart.

Currently I manually have to look and re-type existing information in the studies dialogue to convert a function to
ACSIL. If there were some export studies as text function that exports something like this:

ID name Study Alert Text Subgraph settings
78 s.IMB.filtered Color Background on Alert OR(AND(ID146.SG1,L[-1]<L[-2],)) SG1, background, BLUE
79 b.IMB.filtered Color Background on Alert OR(AND(ID129.SG1,H[-1]>H[-2],)) SG1, background, RED
779 simplefilter Spreadsheet Formula AND(ID1.SG1, H=L[-1]) SG1, line, GREEN, width=7

Then, it would be a whole lot easier to convert all the chart studies to ACSIL...and understand the "links" between them (i.e. using above example: ID779 depends on ID1.SG1, ID78 depends on ID146, etc.).

Why would this be useful? I have charts with 700+ (and less) studies on them..and it is a huge drag on performance. So I need to convert them to ACSIL to make them usable when live data is posting. I get to a place where I've found a setup with the 700 studies--but I can't use it because the many studies are bogging down the system. I've already converted over 200 studies and performance is hugely improved because I'm not doing unnecessary compares or other unnecessary functions that are required when using the super easy Alert code syntax. In ACSIL I can remove all the redundancies and get other gains, but I have to manually transfer (i.e. re-write) all of the info that I've already written into the existing studies in the dialogue box! This is a huge loss I'm trying to avoid.

I'm not asking for ACSIL help, just a tool to export what I can see in the dialogue box into some text output so it can easily be ingested into a custom study that I write. Another objective is to have an easily searchable file of existing studies without having to manually scroll to remember what each ID is and to be able to generate a dependency tree or simply do a textual search on a dependency.

I'm willing to help write this tool if you need assistance. Possibly just need read-capability on an existing data structure that is exported to a csv file. Let me know.

Thanks again for a great product.