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Date/Time: Tue, 30 May 2023 04:41:24 +0000

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[2023-01-14 22:17:39]
ertrader - Posts: 580
I added an additional instance and 3 charts which effectively duplicated the chart setup. There is a way to reduce this and use 1 instance, however, I have to work out some of my trade automation menu buttons. It's not difficult, just need to take some time and do it.

wine-8.0-rc4 came out today for my platform and all of the release candidates have been solid. That has been the biggest difference for me, solid and now the allocation issue may be resolved. One of the Wine 7 development versions used more memory than usual but I'm not sure which it was. The last Wine 7 development version was good..now they focus on bug fixes only for Wine 8.

Wine 8 went into code freeze at rc1 (release candidate 1) a few weeks ago and have been addressing bugs only (no new features) with the ongoing release candidates. Also, I do not know if it was bug fixes in Wine 8 rc4 or the new SC release which possibly fixed the order allocation issue. SC had spent some time to resolve so it could be a combination of both.

There is minimal risk to updating to Wine 8-0-rc4 but if things are working for you, it may be more straightforward to wait till the final Wine 8 release in the next 2-4 weeks.

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