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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 05:32:03 +0000

Post From: Protecting studycollection with an 'expiration date'

[2023-01-06 05:06:42]
User61168 - Posts: 369

This is my very first request for assistance since I began using Sierra Chart on Oct 1st 2018! I have an algo developed for automated trading using simple alerts only. I know I can password protect each study in the collection. What I am struggling to do is disable the study collection once an expiration date is passed (i.e. prevent the algo from running if it gets stolen or hacked) . I do not want the collection to show any bar data or even run in market replay mode after this expiration date is passed. If there is a simple feature or solution available for use, I would really appreciate it.

I also need to know how to do this in simple alert formula:

1) check the system date (today's date and time and not the current BARDATE and BARTIME). Edit: I know of the NOW() function but need an example
2) How to set the bar color to whatever the chart background color is when a alert condition is met (in essence, conditionally hide the bar color (or entire chart for that matter) to make it invisible when condition is met without selecting the background color for the subgraph in the study)

Thanks for your assistance in advance.

EDIT: moving to user discussion to see if someone has developed a solution.
EDIT1: Please ignore question #1... TODAY()>DATEVALUE("1/31/2023") should do the trick.
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