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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Dec 2023 08:07:38 +0000

Post From: Important Notice: Denali Data Feed Infrastructure Updates

[2022-12-06 17:44:05]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 11683
We had several reports today (2022-12-06) from users, of the Denali Data Feed pausing or lagging.

This would relate to Internet connectivity only. Not with the core/background Denali Data Feed.

We do not like to go into a lot of background details because inevitably sometimes people will associate problems they have had at other times to what we are describing, and think that was the issue, when the Internet connectivity issue was elsewhere.

We also do not want to start blaming a service provider but at this point the blame is very well deserved.

In this thread we talked about upgrading our Internet connections to 10 Gb connections. That was partially complete but not fully about three weeks ago. Although it was partially completed we had sufficient Internet bandwidth available. And the issue with limited bandwidth was effectively resolved.

We also described a Internal cross connect that needed to be installed and that was completed also about three weeks ago without any issue. That was another essential thing that we required and that solved the problem associated with the lack of that Cross Connect.

The problem with the 10 Gb internet connections that were provided to us, is that they were not configured as we required. Up until today we were operating with 1 10 Gb connection and 3 1 Gb connections.

The properly configured 10 Gb connections were scheduled to be completed today or tomorrow but they were actually completed overnight. Our service provider told us they were going to be using the same IP block for these new 10 Gb connections, that the other 10 Gb connection which was misconfigured was using. So we took that 10 Gb connection off-line so that users would not experience an interruption when they reassigned the IP block.

Since yesterday evening we have been operating with 3 1 Gb connections. One of these 1 Gb connections has reached capacity today at least one time. It may have reached capacity more times than we could tell because of microbursts which are not captured in the logging.

This whole story of the Internet connection upgrade, is extremely frustrating for us and has had, numerous mistakes and massive incompetence on the part of the data center provider Equinix. Due to no fault of ours whatsoever, they have made, mistake after mistake after mistake and delay after delay after delay. They could not possibly have done any worse job than they have had for us. Complete total massive incompetence.

Are we have also been warned about that, that Equinix or in particular Equinix Chicago is a disaster. Now that is an exaggeration of course, but others have had poor experience with them as well. However, CH1 is where we need to be because that is where all of the exchange connections exist.

These connections should have been completed 2.5 months ago without issue, but it has been delays and misconfigurations all of this time.

And what they delivered to us, overnight once again had a new misconfiguration if you can believe it. Disregard, to specifications, which were clearly in the order.

Our extreme displeasure with this, has been communicated to them very forcefully.

We expect they will correct the misconfiguration sometime today and these 10 Gb connections will become operational, tomorrow evening.

The Internet connectivity provided by Equinix, is good quality. Once it is properly configured, it works just fine. These are fiber connections, connected into very high-performance routers/switches with capacity 10+ times beyond what is required.

Update: Above we described a misconfigured 10 Gb connection. That did not prevent us from using it. It consisted of a primary and a secondary connection and the misconfiguration prevented us from using the secondary connection.

We are going to be able to bring one of the 10 Gb connections we have, back online, this evening. That will solve the problem.
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