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Date/Time: Mon, 26 Feb 2024 03:36:03 +0000

Post From: Need to delete corrupted chart but don't want to lose drawings from it, how to copy them?

[2022-11-23 19:54:44]
User214239 - Posts: 18
I have a chart that seems to have been corrupted somehow because some studies are not working properly on it. I created a fresh version of the chart and was going to delete the old corrupted version but it has a ton of drawings on it that I created that I don't want to lose. Is there a way to copy all of the drawings that I created on that old chart to the new version so that I don't lose them when I delete the corrupted chart? The drawings are just extended rectangles and horizontal rays, but I have a lot of them going back pretty far timewise so it would be a nightmare to manually redo all of them. If there's a way to do something like select all and copy and paste, or whatever, that would be ideal. Thanks for the help.
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