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Date/Time: Mon, 02 Oct 2023 00:58:18 +0000

Post From: Important Notice: Denali Data Feed Infrastructure Updates

[2022-11-12 19:31:24]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 10509
We have had reports of additional issues, with the Denali Data Feed, lagging or pausing. We have confirmed this issue from one of our backup servers on Thursday 2022-11-10. That server was taken off-line. That server was used in order to distribute bandwidth usage among the available bandwidth we have.

Since we took it off-line, we have not had any problems with bandwidth limitations among our other servers at least as far as we can tell. Certainly not from our own colocation space in CH1.

And we also had a performance issue, related to the operating system, on one system which was causing the data to pause for up to 30 seconds and then a big burst of data would go out. This occurred on the date of November 2, 2022. That date only. After a careful investigation of the issue, we determined this was an operating system level problem. On that system we restarted the operating system, and we disabled Services that were not essential. What the exact cause was we do not know but it was clear it was definitely the fault of the operating system. This was an unusual problem that we have not seen before. And we took appropriate steps to solve it on that particular system.

We do not like to talk about the background infrastructure too much, because inevitably users will look at what we say, and associate problem they have with this and think that that was the cause. It could be but in many instances it is not.

We do acknowledge, there have been some issues lately with the Denali Data Feed when the market has been very active.

This is one reason, we are moving away from our existing infrastructure provider to our own set up with with very high switching capacity, far far in excess of what is needed, a full 10 Gb architecture, and our own unified redundant Internet connectivity.

Perhaps the problems you have been seeing lately are due our other infrastructure provider. Depending upon what server you are connected to you could be using the systems connected to that infrastructure. It just depends upon what server you are connected to. Since we do not have access to that networking equipment, we cannot confirm or deny whether the issue is there or not. We can tell you our infrastructure provider will strongly deny it. And in general we would agree with them.

There still is one remaining item we have to complete with our hardware upgrades, which is an Internet upgrade in our new co-location space in CH1. This is literally several weeks behind. We are told it is going to happen this week. We have been very very disappointed at the delay and we do apologize for this. We have been very aggressive to get this completed as soon as possible. We just have been at the mercy of our service provider, related to this.

Once this is completed, we will be serving all real-time data from one location and that is CH1. This is through the Equinix Connect product which uses two different carriers. We are told these are NTT and Lumen.

It is a scalable product, we can purchase as much bandwidth as we need.

And we have fully the ability to monitor exactly what is happening in real time and if we have a lot of user reports of a problem we can instantly see if there was any constraint on our side at that time.

We are also working on performance updates with our real time server process. These performance updates are important, but we do not think, without these improvements, and the with the current architecture, there is a problem. The evidence of that is clear but when the market is extremely active, perhaps the data flow may not be as smooth.

These software performance updates will be ready sometime in late November 2022 or early December 2022 we expect. So not too far off.

It is also important for users to have high-performance routers which can handle a large amount of packets per second. You may be surprised to find out in some cases your router is not fast enough. You should check the specifications of it.

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