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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Apr 2024 01:23:30 +0000

Post From: Delayed data after broker account connection

[2022-11-07 17:41:08]
User102319 - Posts: 2

I want to connect Rithmic account to pass prop eval and then trade via Rithmic connection, to get live data I need to connect Sierra with a broker. I have an IB account and connected it to Sierra but I still get delayed data. Tried everything with disconnecting etc, read all these posts here and no idea whats the problem.

Much appreciated if someone could help.

Addition: Yes I tried the "easy method" for connecting Rithmic with Sierra by signing up to EdgeClear but I cant transfer money from Europe to their brokerage at the moment. Transferring funds to EdgeClear, Ironbeam and IBKR is funded and "connected" via API now. Still getting delayed data. Looked up all the documentation and still getting delayed data, and permission denied error for Rithmic.

Why do I have to connect IBKR to get non delayed data (although all IBKR data is delayed), SC data feed works after but if I try to connect Rithmic it shows permission denied & my data feed is delayed afterwards again if i switch to IBKR OR SC data feed.

I've went through all the docs and dont know how to resolve this, I am on highest service package, connected broker account for CME non professional and still nothing works. Help much appreciated.

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