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Date/Time: Fri, 12 Apr 2024 23:51:05 +0000

Post From: Important Notice: Denali Data Feed Infrastructure Updates

[2022-10-28 07:40:05]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 13896
Over the last month, we have been working on a project to move servers we have with different providers, into a new co-location space in Equinox CH1 in Chicago at 350 Cermak.

This utilizes high-performance network routers and switches. Entirely a 10 Gb network.

Prior to the transition of the Denali Data Feed for CME data, into this serving space, we had organized a 10 Gb Internet connection, and a 10 Gb cross connect for CME data. These are replacing multiple single gigabit connections.

These 10 gig connections, have been delayed. This is resulting, in lags and pauses occasionally when the market is busy for our Denali Data Feed CME users.

We do apologize for this issue. Everything will be complete, by the end of this coming week.

Thursday evening there were several changes implemented to mitigate the problem because we are able to serve data from multiple locations but we are somewhat limited on available bandwidth.

When everything is complete, the Denali Data Feed will be running on a much faster higher performance network than we had previously. Entirely a 10 Gb network. And we will be able to scale up as necessary with no delays.

We apologize for this issue and we are disappointed with the problem. The issue is that some of our service providers were not getting things done, for us on time.

We do take the problem seriously, and we are implementing additional redundancy so there is not any possibility of having interruptions.

Finally, we cannot guarantee, that there will not be some issues when the market is very active, between now and until these 10 Gb connections are are in place. We expect the problem be fully resolved, by November 4.

The 10 Gb cross connect, will be established, over this weekend, Saturday October 29, and we think that itself is sufficient to resolve the issue.


One final note, we really have operated with Sierra Chart for all of this time, with very minimal use of network bandwidth. As we grow though, we are needing more. Although not that much more. It is remarkable, that we have operated so long, with good performance, with only gigabit connections.

Although we have used 10 Gb connections, in the background for exchange connections.
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