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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 16:34:49 +0000

Post From: Pathway downloading

[2022-10-05 21:29:44]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31012
What you are seeing is a normal message stating that Depth data is being loaded due to the replay. If you have a DOM open or the Market Depth Historical Graph on the chart (or other studies that depend on the depth data), then when you start a replay it is going to load the depth data. You would need to ensure that any study or reference to the depth data is not on the chart when you start a replay in order to not get the depth to load.

You can also control the number of days of depth data that is loaded for the chart, in general. Refer to the following setting:
Chart Settings: Maximum Market Depth Data Days to Load (Chart >> Chart Settings >> Market Depth menu)
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