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Date/Time: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 12:40:43 +0000

Post From: Question on Real-time Stock Option Data via Interactive Brokers

[2022-09-22 13:39:39]
ET1Investments - Posts: 1
Hello and sorry to bother you. I do understand that you are currently unable to provide stock options data at the present time, however I'm wondering if it's possible in the settings to receive the data that I'm paying for from Sierra charts and also at the same time link and receive stock options data from interactive brokers?

And then somehow monitor and interact with my options positions from Sierra chart?

In short routing my data from you and the stock options data from Interactive brokers both into Sierra chart at the same time, Considering these are different data streams, And I would think wouldn't clash. I don't know I hope it's not a stupid question but I was just curious because I really really like Sierra chart.