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Date/Time: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 23:18:30 +0000

Post From: Copy Chart Drawings From Other Charts

[2022-06-23 07:49:44]
kas64h - Posts: 76
Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes, this is a tricky one.

A function indicating the number of copied drawings from other charts, would be useful but risks a false negative.
By that I mean if drawings from one chart only are being copied, and at a point in time that source chart has no drawings on it, then on the destination chart (where the study instance is applied), regardless of whether the setting "Hide Chart Drawings from other Charts" is On or Off, a count of zero drawings copied would be returned.

The system would be incapable of differentiating between the two scenarios. If "Hide Chart Drawings from other Charts" happened to be Off, and drawings were added on the source chart, they wouldn't be copied through to the destination chart, and the function / user wouldn't know about it.
I have a number of studies that automatically add and delete drawings from charts, so this could very easily happen.

One way around it I suppose would be to compare the copied drawing count on the destination chart, to the sum of the drawing counts on each source chart. The only issue here is that I don't believe the "Copy Chart Drawings From Chart #'s" list can be read through ACSIL.

Another solution might be for the function to return the const INT_MIN or SHRT_MIN if any (one or more) source chart(s) had no drawings on it, plus the drawing count from any source charts that do have drawings. A bit of simple maths in ACSIL would then reveal the drawing count and that "Hide Chart Drawings from other Charts" was in fact set to On (even if the drawing count were zero - i.e. INT_MIN or SHRT_MIN would be returned).

The simplest solution might be to return a count of -1 if "Hide Chart Drawings from other Charts" is Off, and the Drawing Count (even if zero) if "Hide Chart Drawings from other Charts" is On.

The above might sound complicated, but really isn't. It's just that any function to indicate the number of copied drawings from other charts needs careful consideration to ensure the "Hide Chart Drawings from other Charts" state can be truly represented.

Naturally, there's still the option of an ACSIL function to simply read the "Hide Chart Drawings from other Charts" state, but you've indicated you're not planning on this.

Clearly, I don't know the complexities of coding the various options, so I'm more than happy with whatever solution you decide upon given the considerations outlined above.
Either way I’m grateful if you let me know so I'm able to plan ahead.

One again, thank you for your time, it is very much appreciated.
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