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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:34:27 +0000

Post From: NEW UPDATES have deleted some studies and indicators can you PLEASE LET us KNOW WHY?

[2022-05-20 01:15:02]
User220914 - Posts: 232
The Nminibar study did not require you to hae an extra chart open and i could easily overlay

say a 15 minute colored bar then a 5 minute colroed bar and a 1 minute colroed bar or a range bar or a volume bar.. all on 1 chart by duplicating the study and changing the time frame
now with you "equivalent" study i have to have numerous and cumbersome charts open in order to do what i have been doing for 4 years!

in order to put this nminibar study rapidly on the different charts i now need to open multiple charts for each symbol.

How is this an equivalent?????

these changes and omissions are terrible by the way.