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Date/Time: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 10:05:24 +0000

Post From: Recenter DOM To Current Price

[2022-05-13 21:57:30]
User143681 - Posts: 38
Hello, the previous thread is locked and didn't see an option to reply to you in the thread.
Correct, the double click behavior is not working. The chart is market profiles with VbP studies.

Double clicking price on the dom or with trading chart dom off and price only, does not recenter price into view.

Troubleshooting: The issue is reproduced by expanding the price and profile vertical range with high and low beyond the chart window view. The further the range is expanded the more inaccurate is the recenter behavior.
When the profile high and low is within the chart window view, the recenter behavior works.

John - SC Support [Direct Messages] - Posts: 15889
In Constant Range mode, double left-clicking (reset scales) should always center to the last price of the last bar that is displayed in the chart. This may not be the most recent price for the symbol. In the case of a Trading DOM, since there are no bars, it will always be the last price.

Is this not the behavior you are seeing?
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