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Date/Time: Mon, 30 Jan 2023 23:41:00 +0000

Post From: Notice: Required Update for Rithmic Users (Version 2372, May 15, 2022)

[2022-05-01 20:08:05]
Predicate - Posts: 8
I am reading thru the update instructions and trying to make a concurrent install so I don't mess up my spreadsheets on a failed install (did this last time tried to update & had to revert,lost all formulas) and it says I need to update to package 10. My account just renewed package 5 for 6 months a few days ago.

If that's true then we are going to need clarification from SC staff. I don't know why they would start forcing Denali packages after Rithmic finally fixed historical data on their end when using the DTC connection. That would leave a really sour taste having to pay for something no longer needed.