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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Jul 2022 21:24:30 +0000

Post From: Notice: Required Update for Rithmic Users (Version 2372, May 15, 2022)

[2022-05-01 19:40:57]
User93534 - Posts: 30
I am reading thru the update instructions and trying to make a concurrent install so I don't mess up my spreadsheets on a failed install (did this last time tried to update & had to revert,lost all formulas) and it says I need to update to package 10. My account just renewed package 5 for 6 months a few days ago.

Not sure how to do this other than paying the full 6 months again and hitting renew now, its asking me to pay again and I have 6 months available.

Also unsure what is the difference between package 10 & 11, I am reading thru the denali data and can't tell which is standard and regular, I have no idea what the difference between packages is other than the orderbook in the MBO package, which is why people use rithmic in the first place given the entire book. I am on SC v2204 and the last update attempt was an abortion. I am assuming I can run an install with denali then as well as rithmic?

Regardless, I am a bit lost here.