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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Jul 2022 19:56:22 +0000

Post From: Notice: Required Update for Rithmic Users (Version 2372, May 15, 2022)

[2022-04-30 20:39:19]
User701453 - Posts: 175
I suspect most of these problems are now due to misconfiguration in SC, including people who are trying to still use some old R+ API Plug-
Completely 100% incorrect.

I still use the Rithmic bridge connection(old R+ API Plug) with SC version 2308 every single day with zero problems.
Even on those days when Prop firms cant connect with NT to Rithmic.
I can still connect with SC using the plugin and place trades with no issues.

I also agree with User139065, why is SC forcing everyone to upgrade to a more expensive version and have to pay extra data and exchange fees if there is no technical reason to do so.
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