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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 02:32:13 +0000

Post From: Sierra Chart Does Not Recommend CQG (Various Reasons)

[2022-04-05 22:40:06]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
If anyone complains about this thread, we are going to forcefully make our position. And we are going to advertise this heavily. We simply do not recommend CQG at all!!!!

This user who had the large loss is now beating up on us in the ticket faulting us for the problem. The problem is they may not fully understand all of the technical reasons for this. And yes we do know, that CQG does support bracket orders, on the server side but they do not work properly which is why Sierra Chart does not support them.

And once again why in God's name are we putting up with all of this CQG nonsense? It is complete stupidity.

As we go through their activity log, we understand, the details of what is happened. There can be multiple things going on including no fill notice from CQG or the fill came when they lost a connection to CQG. And that goes back to another problem we have pointed to in this thread about connectivity issues with CQG. They lost the connectivity to CQG two times!

And when there was a lost connection to CQG, that then means that there is going to be approximately a one minute, perhaps even more, where there actually is a loss of communication to CQG since it takes time, for a lost connection to be detected.

We are not dummies. When we say we do not recommend CQG it is for very good reason.

And yes we know about the problems with TT. We did work to build a very good service on top of the TT system and we know sometimes TT has had some issues in the past. But still, there was never a failure with server-side bracket orders when we were using TT.

At this time, TT has been put behind us and that is no longer being used. Teton is a fully independent order routing service. And we have an absolute superior solution to everything else out there.

And now we do have a very good solution. We understand, the position of brokers, of not liking TT and they have a good reason for that. We understand that. We understand that completely. But TT is no longer involved here. We now have a superior solution that costs less than CQG and is superior in all ways. And that superior solution is the Teton Order Routing Service from Sierra Chart.

We want the best for our users. And we are investing in another server in the Aurora data center for our Teton order routing. This has a very significant expense to us . So we are investing heavily in Teton. And we still do not charge anything for this service and give our users ultralow latency connectivity colocated with the CME in the Aurora Data center in Illinois.
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