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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Dec 2023 09:43:49 +0000

Post From: How to Use New NASDAQ Total View Data Feed

[2022-02-27 17:02:09]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
When you plot an intraday candle chart from the Nasdaq totalview feed, is it any different (OHLC values) than from a standard feed, such as broker supplied, iqfeed, barchart....?

This is a good question. The NASDAQ TotalView, data feed delivers higher highs and lower lows as compared to a full consolidated tape US stock data feed. Usually the highs and lows per bar are the same. However, at times it has a wider range of values. So the bars are more comprehensive of price action.

And there is another important thing to understand, with the NASDAQ TotalView data feed the Bid Volume and Ask volume are 100% precise. On a consolidated tape feed like what is provided with the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed or IQ Feed, it is not 100% precise. It is just an estimation, and sometimes can be completely wrong.

So this is why users should see the value of the NASDAQ TotalView data feed and do not just think it is inferior feed because the volumes are lower as compared to a consolidated tape feed.

The NASDAQ TotalView data feed offered by Sierra Chart is a very good data feed.
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