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Date/Time: Mon, 02 Oct 2023 02:40:56 +0000

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[2022-01-21 09:20:42]
User952036 - Posts: 16
You have the time.
I am already on version 2348.

The next question:
That's the only thing I can do here, all other data/settings are compared with live users and there are significant performance losses in this delayed sim trading vs. the live trading of other users:
I can see no sup-prosesses in the windows task-manager for SC (sim account with delayed Denali) - see attachment. Is this a normal behaviour? If not, how can I change this!

Here is the link to the video for the the above mentioned test:
OK. I have done all my tests on sim. I compared the performance with my delayed sim trading with another trader who uses SC live. All settings for SC have been coordinated beforehand so that we have the same test conditions in all settings. Both use the same data feed. We added an ES dom to him and an ES dom to mine. The two videos then merged together. The result:
Compared to my sim doms, however, the live dom is faster, which means that the number changes come faster and the transitions from price to price are smoother and more precise. In sim trading, the cumulative last price jumps from one price to another as described above. The dom skip about prices. The differences are there even if only one dom chart is open.

From the above result, the question arises: Are there performance differences between delayed sim trading and live trading?

In the vid you see 4 doms. You can see for all 4 doms the LAST Cummulative Price. On the left side is the dom from the live trader with one instance and over 200 charts. On the right side are 3 doms overlaped from my delayed 3 SC instances. The second of the 4 doms from the left has 84 charts in its instance. The third dom has 4 charts in the instance. The right dom runs alone on an instance. The last three doms run on a PC and are the sim delayed doms. All instances has the same global und chart settings.


My planned setup is:
- Plateform: Sierra Chart
- Data Feed: Denali for EUREX, CME
- CQG order-routing

The problem is, if I go live with this performance (sim delayed with Denali data feed) on an AMD 2700X PC (16 treats), the CPU is used at 7% with an instance and 84 charts, then my trades will fly in my face.

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