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Date/Time: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 02:29:57 +0000

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[2022-01-20 08:35:58]
User952036 - Posts: 16
You have given me the answer on this treat: https://www.sierrachart.com/SupportBoard.php?ThreadID=50050#post_last
Yes, Yes absolutely that is true! That should just be common sense. You cannot put more load, and expect no slowdown. You will absolutely have a slowdown. That is not a problem and is expected and is solved through using sub instances of Sierra Chart and adding more CPU cores to your system.
I have the same problem. I used Jigsaw before this month. The more Sierra charts I open, the slower the doms become.


Do not expect from us the impossible! This is something that you must solve on your side and you have more than the capability in Sierra Chart to do this.

I answer here:

I will do the following tests:
- Change the buffer size for the incoming data
- distribute the charts of my one instance (84 pieces) to three instances.
- some other performance tests

A question to you.
SC has 16 CPU cores available, runs in real time under Windows and initially only uses one almost completely - see attachments. How do you get SC to use multiple cores at once?

If I start a second instance (2nd) after the first instance (1st), then the CPU load is distributed directly across multiple CPUs - see attachment Second instance distributed.JPG.

imageSC utilization.JPG / V - Attached On 2022-01-20 08:34:30 UTC - Size: 121.17 KB - 85 views
image16 Cores for SC.JPG / V - Attached On 2022-01-20 08:34:38 UTC - Size: 129.99 KB - 84 views
imageSecond instance distributed.JPG / V - Attached On 2022-01-20 08:34:57 UTC - Size: 125.12 KB - 98 views