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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 12:02:34 +0000

Post From: Teton Order Routing versus CQG

[2021-12-29 15:29:22]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
In this post we are going to show the differences between Sierra Chart and CQG order routing in regards to latency.

We will discuss other items later like OCO and bracket order management. And risk management which Teton is superior to CQG.

We tested order latency at Equinix in the Chicago Cermak data center where we expect CQG is located. Sierra Chart servers are in Aurora Illinois colocated with the CME.

The entry point for the CQG Web API is not in Aurora. That is clear based on ping times. They are not even in Aurora and yet they charge so much. And Sierra Chart is doing free order routing in Aurora.

These times below are microseconds and are the round-trip time for a new order (from submitting to getting an acknowledgment) using the CQG Web API:

1000 µs needs to be deducted, to account for Internet network latency. There is quite a large variance here. That variance, could be due to the fact that we are routing the orders over the Internet to CQG but why would there be such a problem with the Internet connectivity within the data center?

In the case of Teton order routing, round-trip time is approximately 600 µs. That does not include Internet network latency. At best, CQG takes 11.5 times longer to get an order to the exchange, versus Teton. So let's round that off to 10 times. So 10 times longer. This should be a fair comparison.

There is no reason to be using CQG. You are paying $0.10 a fill and getting substandard routing and risk management.

We will be raising the price to use CQG to service package 12, at some point in 2022.
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