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Post From: CQG user experience - from an IT Pro

[2021-12-22 15:06:31]
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the above statements / model description completely misses the Broker (e.g. AMP Futures) in the overall Technical and Market Structure Model described
No it does not.

There would still be a broker. It is just that all of the order management, is with the exchange and not any intermediary. And the broker then accesses, the interfaces for that from the exchange. No different than when they use Firm Soft with the CME. Instead the orders are now going direct to the exchange and the exchange handles the risk management. Or the risk management can be done externally. Either way. It can be a choice.

There simply is no need for any intermediary.

And yes we understand that a system from a trading technology provider can bring multiple exchanges together under a single account, but this really adds a huge complexity, and reliability issues . Although each exchange should always really be a different account and in many cases is. The broker can just simply offer a way to move funds between accounts easily.
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