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Date/Time: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 01:37:56 +0000

Post From: CQG user experience - from an IT Pro

[2021-12-22 14:23:01]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
It only makes sense for us to be developing and supporting our own services and providing the best quality and consistent service. Not others.
And this is why we are working to phase out other services like Transact, CTS, Gain Capital. Supporting so many services makes no sense whatsoever and no one should be doing that any longer. It is a plain dumb operating model.

We will not remove support for CQG because we already have it but we held off for years adding support for CQG.

We were asked for CQG support for years but we consistently said no because they did not provide a proper interface to their system. It was a silly OLE based interface. So we were right not adding CQG support and when we said we were going to add it, we were never going to add market data support but unfortunately we got pressured into that and regret it.

The CQG Web API has always been very complicated and we really do not like it. We really do not like it at all. We really just want it removed from Sierra Chart altogether. It just clutters our software. Especially their whole Google protocol buffers interface. We would like to just get rid of it.

Although we are not going to do that, at least not in 2022, because of support for Asian exchanges and options.

We are here to act in the interest of Sierra Chart, and Sierra Chart only, and provide the best quality of service to users. And therefore help users by providing them the best service at the lowest cost. We do not want to be wasting our time with other services.

Most of our time, is wasted on CME market data policy and market data policy from other exchanges. That is why we strongly support exchanges like FairX, and that is the future. Not these dinosaur operating models where exchanges bill for market data, and treat the brokers, clearing firms, the technology providers, and the customers as if we are slaves regarding market data. This is completely ridiculous. Enough is enough.

And why is CQG charging us every month for for connectivity? No one else does that. This is just dumb also.

And once again when we post issues about CQG, that is coming from the users. It comes from the users. Not us.

And based on all of the above, this also shows why we will never add support for tradeovate. So yet another service. Completely ridiculous that they think it made sense of creating yet another API for the industry.
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