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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:31:30 +0000

Post From: CQG user experience - from an IT Pro

[2021-12-22 13:57:20]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104367
What the above means is that UNTIL the SC's own order execution interface/service is up and running (and ideally for the range of futures markets offered by CQG) and its is supported by AMP and its price and reliability at least matches CQG,
It is up and running, and the reliability is superior to CQG. Regarding price, it is free rather than a service like CQG costing brokers easily more than a million USD a year. And these are realistic numbers.

Regarding exchange support, it covers CME and FairX and soon EUREX. We have no interest in getting involved in less common exchanges that are hardly traded among the Sierra Chart users.

Never experienced any disconnections or performance issues during order execution with CQG
We have far more experience than you do, and it is not a service we would recommend unless you want to trade exchanges that we do not have support for and many brokers do not like it either because of cost and limitations. And it is not in our interest to be supporting CQG. Some users do experience very consistent disconnection issues with CQG. And we know some users do not. It is mixed.

This comes from users using CQG. Not Sierra Chart. We are just merely showing the problems that exist.
there seems to be a growing and constant CQG bashing

What you see is a reflection of CQG, and in other posts, issues with Interactive Brokers, and others.

It only makes sense for us to be developing and supporting our own services and providing the best quality and consistent service. Not others. We are here to act in the interest of Sierra Chart and therefore, provide users the best service to users at the lowest cost. It is up to brokers to support what we offer. If they do not, that is not our issue.

We do have many AMP customers but it is not the majority of the user base.
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