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Date/Time: Fri, 01 Mar 2024 20:25:35 +0000

Post From: CQG user experience - from an IT Pro

[2021-12-22 11:15:28]
User12089 - Posts: 344
i am a professional software system engineer - MS Computer Science and 20 years industry experience

there seems to be a growing and constant CQG bashing

Sierra Chart Does Not Recommend CQG (Various Reasons)

here is an objective and technical assessment from an IT Pro who has been using CQG (for order execution only) for 1 year flat out - day in day out

Never experienced any disconnections or performance issues during order execution with CQG

Have always used SC Data (never CQG) for market data feed

SC has to keep in mind that most of its user base are AMP broker clients ...

What the above means is that UNTIL the SC's own order execution interface/service is up and running (and ideally for the range of futures markets offered by CQG) and its is supported by AMP and its price and reliability at least matches CQG, SC must continue the support for the SC CQG interface for Order Execution (aka Trading) - dont care about any support for CQG Data
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