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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 04:03:59 +0000

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[2021-12-21 18:12:21]
User753428 - Posts: 151
There is no reason to be using CQG any longer.

Actually there are valid reasons why many of us will stick with CQG.

1) Options trading. You may not like it or disagree with options but the fact of the matter is, options trading volume has exploded past equities volume among retail recently and it's here to stay.

2) No access to Asian markets.

This is why although we're clearly aware of how much you guys would like to stop supporting CQG service and move everyone over to Teton, by doing so, what you're effectively doing is kicking off anyone who trades options or the Asian markets off your platform.

I understand supporting order routing for the Asian exchanges is prohibitively expensive and the lack of demand doesn't make pursuing this financially viable. So I'm not necessarily complaining about your lack of support for Asian markets. It's probably better to not spread yourself too thin too quickly.

But this same reasoning does not apply to supporting options trading via the CME. It's technically possible but it seems like you guys simply made a decision to not support it for some reason, even during a period of explosive growth in retail options trading. Whatever your reason, we can respect it but it's also why your allegation that "There is no reason to be using CQG any longer" is false.