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Date/Time: Thu, 25 Apr 2024 02:21:53 +0000

Post From: Historical data

[2021-12-17 22:23:45]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31098
It is the same if you delete the files or do it from the menus. But if you delete the files, you need to exit from Sierra Chart before you delete them, or it may not delete them properly.

Also, make sure you have the correct symbols set for the service you have setup. In order to get the data from the Denali Exchange Data Feed, you will need to have your Current Selected Service set to SC Data - All Services.

Also, make sure that the setting for Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Common Settings >> Intraday Data Storage Time Unit is set to 1 Tick to ensure that you get all of the data that is available.

Once you have received the data, let us know if there is some reason why you are not happy with it.
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