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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 07:19:15 +0000

Post From: CQG Non Pro Data Feed for trading Micro Futures

[2021-10-05 02:55:14]
User947384 - Posts: 5
I need service Package 10 - Standard + Denali Data Feed. I just bought 6 months of Package 3 then upgraded to package 5. I have CQG non Pro data feed when linked to Serra CQG WEB-api I get delayed data. If I am paying for Denali from you do I still need CQG Non Pro
data Feed. Why is CQG so complicated to connect to?

1. I requested Serra Chart package 10 SC+ Denali data $36/m Please upgrade my package to #10
2. I could not upgrade SC so I deleted SC folder and installed current SC (2315)
3. I selected CQG Web api as my SC data provider
4. Do I still need CQG DATA?
5. Why is connecting to CQG so complicated?