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Date/Time: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 23:35:35 +0000

Post From: LRS value in Spreadsheet lags Correct Chart by 1 bar

[2021-07-22 15:24:05]
User791263 - Posts: 147
Diagnostic update: chart update 233 msec, bar size 1 sec: values in Spreadsheet change 3 times per second, but operators/studies applied (here to column AK) operate only upon prior spreadsheet (result in AK) line. I have not yet checked if all studies do that. AK is a weighted sum of AI (an average) and AJ (short summation).
Subgraph Multiply, add and LRS all incorrectly operate on prior line.

I tried putting AI average (1 of 2 components of AK) to start at prior bar instead of current bar.
result: Did not fix the studies lag by 1 bar.

Workaround Solution: In the formula columns, I added a LRSlope as SLOPE function against same 3 bars period, as in SE Engineering post

SS Function SLOPE worked great using index reference, and is correct (on-time/ same bar) and that slope (in AN) is exactly 1 bar ahead of the lag-problem LRS study. Proof is: the SLOPE and LRS values are identical, just 1 row off.
This proves the 3 studies I looked at operating on a simple (2 component simple formula) are lagging by 1 bar when bars are 1 second. It also proves that a short range summation, or current bar part of avg.-- is not the cause.
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