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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 16:19:24 +0000

Post From: Now Released: Upcoming CME Direct Routing

[2021-06-20 00:52:01]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14044
Based upon what we read here the new EUREX FIX LF interface for trading will not be available until quarter 3 2021:

That is what we would want to use because the existing FIX interface is going to be discontinued.

So when it becomes available we will start the programming to it and then we should be able to get EUREX trading support out shortly after. The way this will initially work is that there will need to be a separate account for trading EUREX so you will not be able to use a common account to trade the CME group and EUREX together. But separate accounts.

Support for using a common account and margin for trading multiple exchanges will come later.

This way we can get support out for EUREX as soon as possible.

And this will be a low latency trading connection because we have already have a server in Frankfurt.

It seems clear, that EUREX is really working to simplify their new interfaces. For example EOBI is much much more simplified, and easy to work with interface, rather than the existing FIX/FAST interface (EMDI). Which is horrendously complicated.
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