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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Apr 2024 01:51:47 +0000

Post From: What is the simplest way to plot a box around a time interval?

[2021-03-30 20:58:48]
RoadKill - Posts: 38

by far the simplest way to achieve this is to use multiple copies of the 'High/Low For Time Period' study.

I know, and that is exactly what I want, but that is the thing. To quickly change or add a session I need to go find the correct study, and edit each in a different place, and having to deal with a bunch of settings I will never use and which are poorly explained. (They are all named the same and study selection/settings window which is not resizable! This is a very annoying bug all over SC, when you can't resize frequently used windows, that are containing rows with long column info.)

The code for that need to be rewritten to allow for adding multiple studies within. I already tried, but it got complicated quickly as the code within was not reusable, since it was not written in functional/objectified form.

In addition I would like to put some text above each box describing what session it is, and that name should be easily added to the main Study settings.
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