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Date/Time: Tue, 06 Jun 2023 12:56:01 +0000

Post From: Sierra Chart Does Not Recommend CQG (Various Reasons)

[2021-03-18 02:38:32]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
The removal of Sierra Chart provided historical data for CQG has placed a lot of extra support burden on us. And has caused users a lot of difficulties and frustrations. It is quite sad when users write up all these posts taking their time and our time, describing CQG data limitations and issues thinking it is a Sierra Chart issue. And how many more problems go unreported.

It is certainly fair to say, that we created that problem. However, we discontinued historical data for CQG and Interactive Brokers for good reason. And people can see CQG for what it is now (although that is not the reason why).

Certainly one reason among numerous other reasons we did remove it for Interactive Brokers is because we sure as hell are not going to make Interactive Brokers look good, and have people think that quality is from them and not us. For all of the reasons, refer to:

We expect in July 2021 Sierra Chart will remove support for CME data through CQG. If you want to use CQG for trading the CME Group markets you will need to use the Denali Exchange Data Feed for CME Group data.

Also there really is no consequence to removing support for CME data through CQG and requiring it to be used from the Denali Exchange Data Feed. The extra cost for the Denali Data Feed is minimal at this time and we will look into lower pricing before the change, although this depends upon how inflation goes though. And then you just pay the exchange fee through to Sierra Chart along with the cost of Sierra Chart. This is all. And then you have a superior trouble-free data feed.

It should not be expected that we would support CQG CME and EUREX data when we already have our own high-quality data feeds. Sierra Chart has high standards, we want to provide users the best quality of data and the best service, reduce our support load, and have things work well in Sierra Chart for users. And have consistency in the charts and the data among our Sierra Chart users.

Since Sierra Chart has high standards, and we want things to work well, it makes completely no sense for us to continue to support CQG data. In the early days of CQG support we had no support at all for CQG data and it was our firm policy at that time not to support CQG data many years ago. There is simply nothing new here in this regard. It is simply following original intentions.

Now when we implement this, is still not known. That remains to be determined. And whether we would reduce the price of package 10 or 11, also remains to be determined. But that is very dependent upon inflation.

We also have very redundant and high-quality market data infrastructure and we will be expanding upon that, as we add more users to our data feeds.

Here is a video demonstrating the speed of the Denali Exchange Data Feed:

And we also communicated to a major broker, back around October 2019, our intentions in this regard. That we would be replacing our Standard Service Package, with a new package to be used with CQG for order routing and our data feed, for a price of about 30 USD. That would be the minimum offering.
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