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Date/Time: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 09:47:07 +0000

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[2014-02-18 21:28:48]
User92938 - Posts: 3
Hi, id like to know some ... If I make update of SCH to courently version, there is not historical intraday date tick by tick for numbers bars. There is just historical date. I need date feet for symbols YM, ES, NQ and EMD. Now i need just for replay, so its not important for me real time. But I need corectly numbers bars(footprints) bid ask numbers date feed.
And in previous version there are Intraday historical date, but in start, sometime said - "download failed" and than function. So my question is... if I pay packeg 5, can I use it for "replay"(not real trading) like credible tick by tick date like up to now? and Or somthing change in near future, thanks a lot pavel .