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Date/Time: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 17:48:10 +0000

Post From: TT Based Order Routing Service: TT Interruption

[2021-02-17 18:43:35]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 96589 | Ending Date: 2022-04-10
We want to discuss briefly, our recommendation to use the Sierra Chart Order Routing Service and the subsequent incidents that have occurred from TT starting this past Sunday February 14, 2021.

We are always trying to do things best as possible at Sierra Chart and analyze systems and determine how they can be made better.

The reason we recommend the Sierra Chart order routing service is because it handles OCO and bracket orders in a secure and reliable environment and they work exactly as users expect. Whereas with other supported services, either there is no support for these types of orders on the server, or they do not work as expected.

So for safety reasons, the Sierra Chart order routing service is very safe in this regard and there is no unexpected behavior regarding these types of orders. We have not had any incident that we are aware of with a failure of OCO or bracket orders on the server. We did have an interruption for 40 minutes on two of the servers on this Tuesday evening, but we are not aware that during that timeframe there was any need for management of those orders.

The Sierra Chart order routing service provides complete and detailed long-term order fill history. That is very necessary for all of the trading statistics and reporting functionality within Sierra Chart.

The Sierra Chart order routing service automatically verifies that you have a funded trading account to meet CME Group requirements for real-time nonprofessional data. This eliminates, all of the complexity, with access to real-time market data that we get heavily burdened with, throughout the day every day here.

So it is based upon all of the support questions that we get on this board, and that need to reduce the support load, and provide a quality service to the users, is the basis of our recommendation. This view does not change. In order to provide a high degree of technical quality, and for things to work well, then it only makes sense we make the recommendations that we do.

We know that TT is not perfect, but they have not had any incident like this, since August 2019 and even the incident back then was not as significant as what happened now. And it has been our plan, to have our own direct CME order routing which we have been gradually working on.

There is no way we could foresee an incident like this, where a broker, AMP, completely closes down trading on TT until they get the situation under control.

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