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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 22:27:39 +0000

Post From: Support Board | About the CQG data provider in the new year.

[2021-01-05 03:14:18]
2garin - Posts: 183
My situation:
I live on the territory of the Russian Federation. The trading account was opened through the broker platform NinjaTrader brokers. Clearing is provided by Dorman Trading. The trading login (CQG) was provided by the broker. The data stream was requested from a single exchange (CME). Without making transactions (per month) I pay: a data flow fee of $15; a fee for connecting the CQG trading service to the SierraChart terminal of $10.

On January 04, I opened the terminal, got an error loading historical data, and asked the broker for help. Waiting for the broker's help, I read the forum.
In Data Feed Agreements, I signed two agreements (Uniform Subscriber Agreement, CME Non-Professional Certification) and requested Delayed Data.
On January 05, I received a response from the broker: Access to historical data for the trading login has been added.

At the moment, realtime and historical data are loaded into the terminal.

Question in support: 1. The problem with loading historical data (CQG) is solved on the broker's side?
2. Do I need to declare a refusal from Delayed Data to exclude future problems (technical, legal, etc.)