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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 16:22:19 +0000

Post From: Backadjusting spreadsheet database

[2014-02-08 08:33:37]
enemyspy - Posts: 304
I have uploaded the text file. It would be definately be very useful if the viewer could be modified to have spreadsheet outputs.

As far as the back adjusting goes I would like to be able to quickly enter in the amount that sierra chart back adjusts every quarter into one cel and have it apply that to all the prices that correspond to the previous dates accordingly. Perhaps a seperate cel for each contract so that it affects all prices for dates occuring before the contracts rollover date, that way it would also remember previous backadjustments. Unless you can think of a more efficient or better way? Also if that is how backadjusting works?
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