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Post From: v2195 recompilation...

[2020-12-15 01:31:03]
Ackin - Posts: 1865

Sierra Chart Engineering)
We think that what we need to do is to support any version number in a SC DLL file name. It would indicate the version it is compatible with, up until infinity if there is no other DLL (with the name the same aside from the version number) with a newer version number, or compatibility up to a DLL with a newer version number.
yes and compatibility with collections.

An alternative is breaking everyone's copy of the study until they update, keeping only one version of the file: study.dll. This would not be a good choice for users.
That would be crazy ....

If you could create a way to remove obsolete versions from a user's data folder through the automatic distribution process, that would help keep things orderly.
I'm sure you mean well, but this would create a big security problem. Deleting files on the client-pc based on the file name via the site is just a step towards abusing it.

As far as I know, the problem is only with the automatic update process. Sierrachart can find out for which version of the SC system the library was recompiled. I think it would be enough to ignore all the dlls from a certain version below (Sierra would ignore it as incompatible files...Nor would it display them in the program's library list). It won't hurt anyone, and the only thing that will grow is the size of the user's Data folder. Due to the size of the datafeed, this is a negligible size. Every developer should offer customers a batch script for deleting old files or instructions on how to do it manually, which can start completely outside of Sierrachart support.

But I don't know how technically difficult (or even possible) it is to "ignore" old libraries by the system.
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