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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 17:24:39 +0000

Post From: v2195 recompilation...

[2020-12-15 00:12:27]
bradh - Posts: 741
We think that what we need to do is to support any version number in a SC DLL file name.

That will help, but it leaves behind a trail of dead soldiers.

If you could create a way to remove obsolete versions from a user's data folder through the automatic distribution process, that would help keep things orderly. Today a client could have Study.dll, study_64.dll, and study_2151_64.dll, etc. Removing the file from the distribution file group would prevent new downloads, but the old files will remain in the user's data folder. The study_64.dll creates error messages in the add custom study window if it is below the supported version. Another user and I have also seen issues with too many dlls in the data folder, which is not good.

If I could delete the first two, and be left with the highest version dll, that would be great. This capability would also allow me to move everyone to a specific minimum version 2xxx and only have one dll: Study.dll.

An alternative is breaking everyone's copy of the study until they update, keeping only one version of the file: study.dll. This would not be a good choice for users.