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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 07:09:25 +0000

Post From: Data feed stocks

[2020-11-30 16:25:42]
szymonowicz - Posts: 7
Dear Sierra charts team,
I would like to have data feed on US stocks. I have got some questions:
1. In case of delayed quotes - i already sign a document about delayed data feed (there was said, that the quotes would be deleyed, but will not be freezed). Unfortunately in my case, the chart is just freezed. What can i do to find them automatically renew second after second, without freezeing for 15 minutes. (i find them by clicling chart settings > "find symbol list" > "stocks" > enter search text-BATS exchamge) and i just write "XOM" > i am getting the right chat, but it's feezed and uploading once in every 15 minutes.

2. If i would like to have the real time quotes on US stocks (NYSE NASDAQ CBOE) on the sierracharts with Depth of the market, which exchange should i subsribe from the "supported exchange" list? Does the "CBOT with Market Depth for nonprofessional Trading accounts" for 10,4$/month would be ok?

3. I have got also CQG trading account - but i have got it only for using the sierra chart system. (I am doing my investing activity on the other accounts). If i would like to have real time quotes on US stock, should i subscribe the right exchange from the "supported exchange" list on both sierrachart account and my trading account? (which would be useless, because i am not doing activity on trading account which is merged to the sierrachart). Or i will subsribe the right exchange only on the sierrachart and i will get the real time quotes? Ofcourse i would like to have the Depth of the market.