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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 18:40:05 +0000

Post From: Combining two conditions in spreadsheet studies

[2014-01-29 10:06:18]
User57878 - Posts: 24
Thanks for the time you give me.

Your codes works, but i think my logic is a bit more complicated.
Because i want two condiitons to enter a trade, Psar and crossover, the order of happening isn't important as soon as the 2condtions happens.
The problem is the automated system misses many good trade opportunities because he only track the n-1 and the n time state(with row 4 and 3 on K column for the buy, and M column for the sell).
For example, talking about the code 1) you gave me, when i got my crossover, and the psar dot on the same candle, it's a ok signal and your codes works very well.
But when i got a psar dot, and 2candles later the crossover happens, i want it to launch a trade too. But as it's not on the same candle, the system considers it as a no go trade.
I wonder how i can code it to take a trade as soon as the two conditions are met, no mattering it's on the same candle, or if it's 2,3 or 4 candles later( psar dot + crossover or crossover + psar dot, no mattering the order of the signals).