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Date/Time: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 08:37:24 +0000

Post From: Backtesting issue

[2020-05-24 03:04:22]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 87569 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
Basically the problems you are describing in post #16 indicate a trade activity query performance issue. This can be due to having too much trade activity data or the file organization structure not being updated.

We have prepared this comprehensive documentation related to all of this:

Read that over and confirm the problem is resolved after you have deleted the old simulated trade activity. And make sure you also convert the trade activity format to the new format if you have not already done that. That could be part of the problem.

Or, I run backtesting on a symbol and then rerun it on the same symbol, however, it does not clear the original results but it adds them to the previous results and makes a mix of both.
This is because you are not clearing the prior trade activity for the symbol and Trade Account when prompted.

Or perhaps the operation to clear has not finished before you start of the back test. That operation is done a background thread.

Another thing you can do is just use a different Trade Account:

This is really the safest thing to do when doing multiple back tests. So that one is not conflicting with another.
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