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Date/Time: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 22:39:37 +0000

Post From: Show P&F chart Rev. marker value on a spreadsheet/list

[2020-05-23 02:26:28]
SierraFan - Posts: 69 | Ending Date: 2021-08-18
Sierra Users, I could use some help if anyone is inclined too. I've created a chartbook with 28 different markets (ex. ES,NQ,YM,RTY,ZB,ZN,DAX,etc.....56 total charts). I only have P&F charts in this chartbook, Each market has a 50x3 & 100x3 and each P&F chart has the study named Point and Figure reversal bar marker and thats it. I would like to create a spreadsheet/list that shows the Point and Figure reversal bar marker price/value for each chart. Could someone point my in the right direction on how to complete this task? I've attached a screenshot of some P&F charts w/ rev. bar marker(reddish pink highlighted value). Thanks Sierra users and I hope someone's willing to give me some direction.