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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Aug 2022 18:18:44 +0000

Post From: CTS or Rithmic recommendation for futures trading

[2014-01-16 14:36:57]
dominikos - Posts: 106
I'm looking for a recommendation which of these two vendors is better for futures trading with Sierra Charts. I read info on both vendors and they seem to be comparable.

Rithmic seems to have reputation for low latency. The disadvantage from my point of view is that the current implementation requires Windows hosting (I'm leaning to Linux for hosting). It also does not provide historical tick data unless I use Optimus which is probably acceptable since I would have to use their VPS to host Windows instance.

CTS has historical data, can be integrated from Linux since it uses FIX. What I'm concerned about is that FIX probably has higher latency (perhaps negligible) and there is a monthly fee. On the plus side, it is supported by deepdiscounttrading which I liked for responsiveness.

My plan is to setup SierraCharts on VPS and use it primarily for auto trading with short term strategies (minutes, not seconds).

I would appreciate any experience sharing with both vendors. Also, I wonder how Rithmic will be supported with the future Linux version of Sierra Chart which I'm very much looking forward to.